40th Anniversary of Saigon, Vietnam Falling

We have just passed the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese troops.  While many, many books have been written about the American experience in Vietnam from a variety of perspectives, the day passed without any fanfare here in the United States.  To be sure there were celebrations and parades in Vietnam but the rather muted attitude in America is probably appropriate given the broken promises made during such an unpopular war.  Rory Kennedy did not let the timely event go unnoticed though.  Her documentary Last Days in Vietnam aired on PBS just a few days before.  The movie has been shown in a number of US cities prior to this release date and has been met with a flurry of emotions.  This is a must-see documentary for everyone.  Not only does it speak to the events surrounding the end of the South Vietnamese regime, it also offers some timely words for those who were integral in the extraction of Vietnamese who aided various American forces throughout the war.  While the healing of old wounds is still a work in progress, perhaps this movie will give some a new perspective that all was not lost.

You can either purchase the documentary from PBS.org or go to the website and watch it there.

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    Cool! 🙂


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