Martha Graham’s Cold War

Victoria Phillips book Martha Graham’s Cold War The Dance of American Diplomacy takes the reader through a history of dance, politics, and travel. This fascinating look at how one woman -who claimed to not be a feminist although she was certainly progressive for her time – brought American ideals to the world’s center stage. Long…

Why is the mundane so exciting?

Why has the world become so interested in the mundane? While TikTok’s popularity has increased during the COVid shutdown, it is not an anomaly in social media. Take for instance the popularity of such Reddit category’s as “Mildly Interesting” or “TIL”. One could at least understand the interest if a bit of trivia is on…

A Lady-Cult

Early this morning I came across a tweet from a historian who was offering to establish a “lady historian cult” in a beautiful home she had found on a realty site. Like 90 other people (within an hour’s time), I signaled my desire to join the lady historian cult by saying “I’m quiet, pick-up after…

The legacy of COVid 19 and moving forward

As we prepare to leave “Stay at Home” orders and move to “Safe at Home” – what is really going to change in your life? Have you taken the time to journal through these weeks of isolation? Have you learned a new skill or just reconnected with your authentic self? Some of the most positive…

MLK Day 2020

Remembering Dr. King – I can’t help but think how different our world would be if Dr. King had not been assassinated . This video explains how Dr. King went off script and began what became one of his most iconic speeches. Mahalia Jackson singing at Dr. King’s funeral:

Fall 2019

What books do you think are important for Common Reads for incoming college freshmen? Leave you reply or send me an inbox with your ideas!

Armenian Genocide

Yesterday the world marked another year in which the genocide in Armenia is called a civil war. Not all countries are taking this view though.