The legacy of COVid 19 and moving forward

As we prepare to leave “Stay at Home” orders and move to “Safe at Home” – what is really going to change in your life? Have you taken the time to journal through these weeks of isolation? Have you learned a new skill or just reconnected with your authentic self?

Some of the most positive things I have witnessed in the world around me is the way we have returned to Mother Earth. Every day I see children on bikes in the neighborhood – sometimes headed to a field to play a ball game, other times just headed to the creek to do some exploring. I’ve seen people learn to sew, others created beautiful art, and others still take some much needed down time and just relax. There is no one correct way to “stay at home”. Hopefully we all learned some things about what is really important in life – and what is just noise to distract us from our true purpose.

I’m not sure much will change for me or my family. I will be teaching online both the summer semester as well as the fall semester. I will have a limited number of yogis in the home studio – will perhaps lead some outdoor classes (as long as it stays cool!). My travel is certainly limited this summer – and perhaps there is a silver lining within that – even if it’s hard to tell from this moment. But what I have learned more than anything else – take the opportunities that are given to you. I was able to connect with people during isolation that I never find the time to during my normal, over-scheduled life – and I am forever grateful for Zoom to allow the connection. Now I will think twice about turning down an invitation – while I’m good mix of introvert and extrovert – I need to be around people, even if it’s while I’m reading. My biggest confession – I didn’t read nearly as much as I should have – but that’s okay too. I did watch some great programs and movies.

So what did you do? How did you spend your time – what will you do differently now that we are able to move about albeit with some restrictions? Let me know – I’m truly interested in how people coped and what they did (I see a research project in the making!)

Hope everyone is healthy and ready to move in the sunlight again!

Ciao – Renee

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