Losing your way and finding a new practice

Yoga is a journey that takes us from physical practices on the mat to mental gymnastics as we grapple with meaning and sutras. Many of us felt comfortable (dare I say complacent) in our routines before the pandemic of COVid 19 and are now looking for new ways to understand the world. This is certainly a time when Pantanjali would have us look inward – yet I know I struggle with being concentrate of what I should be doing. Since yoga is more than stretching our bodies and minds, it’s easy to lose our paths. Perhaps this is exactly what we should be doing – disrupting the comfort of the every day and looking for new ways to exist. How has your practice changed? Has the challenge of isolation created a space to grow for you? Let me know where your yoga practice has taken you and how you plan to continue or change yet again as we slowly move back to re-opening/re-awakening world.

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