Fall 2019

What books do you think are important for Common Reads for incoming college freshmen? Leave you reply or send me an inbox with your ideas!

Armenian Genocide

Yesterday the world marked another year in which the genocide in Armenia is called a civil war. Not all countries are taking this view though.

Dance Worlds Collide This Month

This month the celebration of two of the dance world’s greats will collide in an explosion of celebration and drama. Bob Fosse and Merce Cunningham will once again take our breath away as their choreography is displayed in recreations meant to inform and honor their talent and lives. Fosse/Verdon FX will release drama Fosse/Verdon is…

Hanukkah 2018

At sundown today Hanukkah begins. It is usually celebrated as the time of miracles, remembering events that seemed impossible. This year we are remembering events that seemed unlikely just a few years ago. Acts of antisemitism are now daily occurrences.  Faithful murdered in houses of worship while celebrating the miracle of life.  Swatiskas spray painted…

Syria Has Been Forgotten

Syria is once again in the news for horrific casualties but many in the West seem to have not notice.  Is it because the news cycles seem to be on repeat?  Girls have once again been kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Gun rights and violence are the top talking points on every news media…

What have we learned from Elie Wiesel?

What have we learned from Elie Wiesel?  If history is doomed to repeat itself, then why do so many people believe that the Holocaust can never happen again?  Why are people so quick to forget Bosnia, link Cambodia to Viet Nam, think Rwanda happened because of misunderstanding?  Why are more people not outraged at the…

Two years of perseverance, and still going

Quietness and calm are still dominant in Mosul. I will not write about fear tonight. I will write about my dreams that might not happen, may be not in my life time, because they remain dreams and … Source: Two years of perseverance, and still going

Human Trafficking

The book should be required reading for any American interested in legal/illegal immigration.  The truth of what is happening every minute of every day should bring everyone to pause.  Nothing is as it seems here or abroad. The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail by Óscar Martínez