Dance Worlds Collide This Month

This month the celebration of two of the dance world’s greats will collide in an explosion of celebration and drama. Bob Fosse and Merce Cunningham will once again take our breath away as their choreography is displayed in recreations meant to inform and honor their talent and lives.


FX will release drama Fosse/Verdon is critical acclaim. Bob Fosse’s choreography and Gwen Verdon’s acting and dancing take center stage in this on-screen drama and leaves out none of the dysfunction and brilliance of these two icons of the dance world. Fosse’s obsessive creativity changed the meaning of modern dance in the theater world and his shows and choreography are still produced throughout the world yearly. Verdon, Fosse’s muse, receives equal billing in this much awaited show – something she is not always afforded in biographic scopes of their collaboration. From Sweet Charity to Chicago, audiences will delight in the music and dance scenes in this series as the realities of this complicated relationship is laid bare for the world to judge.

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Merce Cunningham – Night of 100 Solos

Merce Cunningham was born 100 years ago this month. In honor of the centennial of his birth, an evening of solo performances from New York to Los Angeles will highlight the this powerful and innovative master of ballet and form. Cunningham forever altered the ballet world when he turned the view of the audience from the front of the dancer to all angles of the dancer. This special evening will allow hundred of dancers to perform their favorite solos to honor Cunningham in a one of a kind celebration.

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